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A Real Time Control on Revenue Leakage for a US-based Fleet Management Company

Fleet Management Mobile Solution for a North American Company

Business Problem

Many businesses are reliant on commercial vehicles for their day-to-day operations, but business owners are often in the dark regarding their fleet during its commute.

This gave rise to the need of tracking fleet status and fleet performance in real-time.

Technology Solution

IncubXperts built a highly aesthetic & efficient user interface design enriched mobile app to track fleet status.

  • The app uses google maps to show fleet (Trucks, cars, etc that have embedded proprietary hardware) status in real-time using map markers.
  • The proprietary hardware fitted inside vehicles pushes data to the server that the mobile app consumes.
  • Some of the APIs exposed by the hardware fetch the vehicle status such as ‘Running’, ‘Speed’, ‘Still’ etc. These parameters are plotted on the map with customized markers showing additional information about vehicles.
  • The app also allows users to lock the vehicles remotely.

Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, Azure, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET

Business Impact
  • The ability to track the vehicle fleet in real-time created many opportunities to stop the revenue leakage and optimize costs for businesses.
  • The solution successfully decreased operational overheads to a great extent.
  • Clients could now get the advantage of Uberization of their fleet and increase revenue.