Twilio to Slack

Enhancing Customer Service: Integrating a Cloud Messaging Platform With an Enterprise Collaboration tool

Send and Receive Client Messages in Real Time With The Help of Two Communication Platforms

Business Problem

A business wished to seamlessly communicate with clients and minimize the need for multiple channels for communication. The requirement was to use Slack to send, receive, and respond to clients’ text messages, leveraging Twilio in the process.

Technology Solution

IncubXperts proposed a Twilio to slack integration to send and receive SMS, pictures, etc. using a serverless approach.

  • Wrote and deployed an Azure Function.
  • Registered this function with Twilio (as a Webhook).
  • The function is called by Twilio as soon as a message on a phone number is received. The function processes the message and sends it to the Slack account that is configured.
  • Similarly, when a message from Slack is sent, the azure function communicates with slack, receives the message, and further sends it to Twilio.

We also built additional functionality within Slack by building a slack bot.

  • The Bot will respond to certain keywords by finding answers. Like @askmebot when is my next meeting?
  • This will be responded to by a formatted meeting UI rendered within the slack interface.

Azure Functions, Echo BOT, Storage accounts

Business Impact
  • The solution reduced response time (to clients’ messages) significantly.
  • Improved customer service by providing a mechanism to receive and send customers’ text messages through slack
  • Reduced reliance on multiple communication channels
  • Enhanced ease of communication by integrating twilio with Slack (a primary mode of business communication)


"Great communication and problem solving. I had a great experience working with them. It was a small project, but they took the time to document my request, carefully outline and explain the requirements and tools needed to be successful. I highly recommend this team."

Noemi T- Owner of a US based cleaning services company