Desktop based Legacy Solution for Aged Care and Retirement Homes

How a Desktop based Legacy Solution for Aged Care and Retirement Homes was Enhanced and Upgraded to Cloud based SaaS Solution

A multi-module cloud platform for the Healthcare & Social Assistance

Business Problem

The legacy desktop-based solution needed to be enhanced and upgraded. The suite of legacy solutions had limited feature set/usability and wanted to optimize their infrastructure spend to remain competitive.

Technology Solution

IncubXperts was tasked with the mission-critical task of upgrading major modules of the aged-care solution ecosystem.

The Supplier Agreement and Refundable Accommodation Deposit modules were the first contenders to get an upgrade and take flight to the cloud.

A multi-functional Agile team of 15+ members collaborated over a period of a year to revamp the expansive solution-right from gathering domain knowledge to streamlining business modules.


Solution Highlights:

Refundable Account Deposit Module:

  • This module enables to seamlessly manage accommodation payment requirements for aged-care facilities.
  • Compliance is taken care of by provision to automatically update government fees and charges.
  • Precise in-app calculations coupled with refund and payment variation management ensures an error-free user experience.
  • Simplified refund management with in-app calculations of refunds due and interest payable.
  • Easy access to account and refund statements.
  • Customizable deduction rules for each resident provides the much-needed flexibility.

Supplier Agreement Module:

  • The module facilitates aged care providers to manage supplier and brokered service agreements adherent to related compliances.
  • This multi-faceted module also acts as a Supplier CRM by facilitating supplier data storage along with management & storage of documents.
  • Easy agreement and insurance renewal tracking and timely renewal reminders to facilities and suppliers.
  • The module also allows to track flu vaccination status of authorised supplier personnel.
    Adaptive to readily accommodate changing industry and compliance norms.
  • Reporting feature to get a snapshot of relevant supplier details in a single view.

A Hassle-free Flight to the cloud

  • Amazon Web Services has been leveraged for a smooth transition to the cloud.
  • AWS has enabled Data storage and hosting, while ensuring optimum security, recovery, scalability, and availability.

.NET Core MVC, React JS (Bootstrap), AWS, AWS S3 bucket, SQL Server, HTML CSS, Git & GitHub, Bitbucket, AWS multi-tenant architecture

Business Impact

Enhancing the existing legacy application has resulted in remarkable benefits for the software provider and its vast user base, alike:

  • Calculations Automated:
    Automatic calculations of deductions, variations, and refunds within the app has helped save thousands of hours of manual calculation efforts.
  • Always Compliant:
    Inbuilt compliance features and timely updates of changing compliance norms has helped aged care facilities across Australia to keep up with government regulations.
  • Improved Document Management:
    Keeping all the supplier and agreement data in one place has reduced chaos in managing distributed documentation and helped save hours of time and effort in managing physical documentation.
  • Data mobility:
    Users now have easy access to the data on the move from any device.
  • Cost Savings:
    The movement to the cloud allows the software provider to pay for only what is needed, resulting in up to 45% of cost saving.

"IncubXperts put together a solid architecture and built a scalable product on Azure. They work very well independently and bring us in when required.

Lisa H – Founder of SAAS product with customers like Canada’s largest forestry company