Make Healthier Design Choices: A Technology Platform on the Crossroads of Hospitality & Health

A Vendor Aggregator Platform Promoting Eco-Friendly Hospitality Design

Business Problem

In today’s day and age, it has become exceedingly important for businesses to be mindful of the environmental impact they leave and aim to inculcate sustainable practices. Customers too prefer companies/brands which are environmentally conscious and offer healthier products and services.

The same holds for the hospitality industry. Consumers prefer hotels following eco-friendly and health-friendly practices. To keep up with these needs, an American Environmental Services Company, which has successfully partnered with Marriott International to support health and wellness for over 1 mn hotel rooms worldwide, decided to develop an environmental health product intelligence solution to help decision-makers in the hospitality sector make the right choice concerning environmental health.

Technology Solution
  • We built a Vendor Aggregator portal, displaying the environmental profiles of hundreds of vendors and their products.
  • Role based access allows multiple roles including Designers, Vendors, & Admins to effectively use the portal.
  • Hospitality design teams can search across the vendor library to find vendor profiles with their details and ratings based on social and environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.
  • Every Vendor receives a title of starter, leader, or achiever based on their ratings, allowing designers to make a conscious and well-informed choice to support healthy and eco-friendly interiors.
  • Designers can also submit their projects on the portal.
  • Project details showcase the list of various vendors used for that project with information on the products used, their impact on the environment, and their rating.
  • Rating of the entire project and a project report is also featured on the portal.

.NET Core, Azure, SQL, Microservice architecture

Business Impact
  • Designers can easily find vendors committed to environmental health
  • The Environmental impact ratings help design teams to choose the best vendor for their requirements
  • Role based access provides an enhanced user experience to users across different roles

"They had the expertise I needed without a doubt both with respect to Azure specifically and application architecture generally. They communicated extremely well, and got the job done. They were an asset to the team.”

Prasantha J-- Founder of an American SaaS company