A Technology Solution That Dramatically Transformed The Medical Product Recall Process

Product Recall Management Solution for the Healthcare Domain

Business Problem

The medical product (drugs and devices) recall process was archaic, slow, paper-based, and reliant on snail mail.

A miscommunication or delay in the already tedious process could cause harm to a patient. And keeping up with the lengthy procedure would end up putting patient care on the back burner.

There was a need for a recall management solution to combat these problems and make the recall process much faster and efficient.


Technology Solution

We built a web-based product recall solution facilitating an easy recall process for medical products. The app allows for immediate and accurate communication between suppliers and providers, streamlining the end-to-end product recall process and enabling timely recall and complete visibility.

  • A supplier can instantly create and send product recall intimations, identify providers who need to be informed, determine and coordinate the action to be taken with the provider (discard products or replace the existing products with new ones) and close the recall process.
  • A provider has the ability to acknowledge and respond to the recall intimation sent by a supplier, update their actions (identification and quarantining of recalled products), return the products, and complete the recall process.

Solution features:

  • Role-based login for stakeholders (Admin, Supplier, Provider)
  • Informative dashboard showing the real-time status of returns (real-time tracking shows which providers have acknowledged, are in the process of executing, or have resolved the recall)
  • Management of supplier and provider details
  • Role Management (to manage stakeholders)
  • User management
  • Location management for providers having multiple locations/branches

Vue.js, API.NET Core, Docker, SQL, AWS

Business Impact
  • Minimized patient risk arising due to miscommunication or delayed recall process
  • Reduction in the recall cycle time
  • Increased patient safety by ensuring that no recalled product reaches a patient
  • Millions of dollars saved for suppliers and thousands of hours saved for providers
  • Provided healthcare suppliers with the ability to compile all data necessary for compliance in one place
  • Reduced recall communication costs for suppliers by up to 90%

"The project would not have succeeded without this partnership. I was always confident that any task I gave would be done well and done quickly."

Prasantha J - Product Manager of a Healthcare SaaS product