One-stop Legal ERP Solution for American Law Firms

How Distributed Global Teams Helped Build a One-stop Legal ERP Solution for American Law Firms

A Web-based Multi-tenant Legal ERP Solution

Business Problem

Law firms are famous for the high volume of paperwork they must manage which is especially challenging when they have multiple clients or are working on contingency. As an added responsibility, attorneys need to keep an accurate track of their billable time to ensure accurate billing.

This specific set of time-consuming challenges faced uniquely in the law-firm environment, gave rise to the need for an all-inclusive solution to address these issues and act as a one-stop solution for lawyers and law firms.

Technology Solution

A multi-tenant Practice Management/ERP solution was envisioned to be built to manage the end-to-end software needs of law firms.

IncubXperts was part of a cross-functional global scrum team of 50+ individuals coordinating from different locations.

The feature-rich, multi-tenant practice management solution allows law firms to manage and track the vital functioning of their law practice.


Solution Features

  • Calendar management- Attorneys can track and schedule events and meetings through the calendar feature. A two-way live syncing with popular calendar clients allows for easy visibility and better time management.
  • Trust Accounting- Enables users to securely manage trust and operating accounts for every client and every matter. An all-inclusive feature letting attorneys transfer and deposit funds, manage bank accounts, and record payments and refunds from within the app.
  • Billing and reporting- A fully integrated e-billing module allows users to set up charge codes, disbursement types, rate tables, and workflows. Accurate billable time tracking followed by invoice generation, e-billing, e-signature, and payment makes the entire billing process hassle-free.
  • Document Management- An AI-powered robust document management system manages a massive amount of legal documentation. Client-wise and matter-wise folders are auto-generated to save time and enhance ease of finding the required documents. Documents are scanned before storing and are stored and transmitted using state-of-the-art encryption technology. The DMS allows users to manage user access, grant user permissions, and restrict access, further enhancing document privacy and security.
  • Timekeeping- Allows attorneys and law practitioners to keep accurate track of their time and manage billing and non-billing hours. Charge codes and workflows can be configured to make sure that billing time is tracked without any error.
  • Security- Features like user access management, custom user permissions, document redaction, notification, and audit logs make sure that user security is never compromised.
  • Matter Management- The inbuilt matter dashboard allows to access and manage all case-related details in one location. Users can set custom matter alerts and notifications, easily access case-wise financial and payment-related information, record payments, track time, and view other details like client information, events, and documents.
  • Dashboard & Reporting- Gives a high-level snapshot of all relevant details. Users can apply filters to quickly access relevant data and custom reports they are looking for.

Azure Dev Ops, .NET MVC, C#, Angular 9, .NET Core, SQL Server, .NET Core Web API, Jira, Tested using Selenium, Java, TestNG, and Jenkins

Business Impact
  • Each law firm has a separate, dedicated database owing to the multi-tenant architecture of the app, ensuring the much-needed data security and privacy for individual law firms.
  • The app acted as an all-inclusive one-stop solution for law firms, avoiding the need to rely on multiple solutions and saving a considerable amount of time.
  • Law firms achieved significant cost savings as all their needs are now addressed by a single solution (single subscription).

"IncubXperts put together a solid architecture and built a scalable product on Azure. They work very well independently and bring us in when required.

Lisa H – Founder of SAAS product with customers like Canada’s largest forestry company