Helping a Social Networking Platform to Keep Up With the Times

A Successful Web Transition for a Mobile-Only Social Platform

Business Problem

As the covid lockdowns forced everyone indoors and brought outdoor events to a standstill, businesses had to adapt to this sudden change.

A mobile-based social networking platform for event organizers and attendees wanted to keep up with the times and introduce virtual events and expand their presence to a web-based app.

Technology Solution

IncubXperts was charged with building the frontend and UI of this web-based social networking application.


  • An all-exclusive virtual event organization cum social networking platform.
  • Seamless organization of virtual video events.
  • Facilitates Moderated events, Virtual Lounges, and Speed events.
  • Real-time chat to collaborate with live users.
  • Supports community exclusive, intra-community events.
  • Provides a snapshot of upcoming, featured, and past events.
  • Enables connection with friends and allows users to expand their social network with relevant recommended connection suggestions.
  • Insightful networking analytics give an accurate overview of event-related analytics.

HTML, Angular 8, Angular 11, Firebase

Business Impact
  • Expanded the company’s offering from B2B to B2B2C
  • Facilitated smooth transition from in-person to virtual events during the global pandemic period
  • Pivoted business from a company organizing in-person events to virtual events
  • Introduction of web app and video event platform helped to create an all-inclusive ecosystem, helping communities to stay connected